Dental Care Plan

At Grange Road West Dental Practice our dentists are dedicated to caring for the health of your teeth and gums.

We aim to keep your family smiling by providing you with the best service we can and that is why we are delighted to introduce our Dental Care Plan. As a practice we feel that we are able to build a good relationship with our patients and help to maintain a healthy mouth when they attend regularly. NHS guidelines mean that some patients are invited to check up appointments less frequently than they were previously. Our Dental Care Plan ensures that patients are able to attend for check up appointments at least twice a year.

We Care About Your Smile

Increasingly our patients ask us about cosmetic treatments to enhance the appearance of their smile.

These types of treatment are usually not available on the NHS, for example tooth whitening or white fillings on back teeth. These cosmetic treatments would therefore be charged at private rates which can lead to high costs. Our Dental Care Plan helps to reduce the costs of cosmetic dentistry.

Also with the current NHS banding system some patients who have attended regularly and just need one or two fillings can be charged higher costs on the NHS than we would be able to provide on The Dental Care Plan. We feel that The Dental Care Plan can offer a service to help reduce these costs and still provide a very high level of care. The Dental Care Plan allows us to provide continuous care aimed at prevention rather than cure and to help reduce the costs of treatment required.

How It Works

The Dental Care Plan is a simple hassle free solution.

A monthly fee is collected by direct debit which covers the required dental examinations, scale and polish, preventative treatment and x rays which any dental care member requires for the year. If any treatment is required our team will calculate the most cost effective way for you to be charged. If the treatment is available and is cheapest on the NHS then you will pay the NHS fee only.

However if the treatment is not available on the NHS or is more expensive on the NHS then you would receive the benefit of a 50% reduction in our private prices. For example a small silver filling on NHS is currently £50.50* however we can provide this on The Dental Care Plan for £11*. We are able to provide small tooth coloured fillings on the Dental Care Plan at the reduced rate of £20.95*. As you can see this makes a very attractive alternative to the NHS option.

A Scheme for the family

In order to make the Dental Care Plan affordable for your whole family we have kept the monthly fee to a minimum and we are sure that you will agree that £6.84 per person per month is a small price to pay for the health of your teeth

We feel that the Dental Care Plan offers an affordable alternative to NHS dentistry without the large costs which can be involved with private dentistry. However you still have the security of knowing that NHS treatment is available to you at any point.

We are able to offer a further 5% discount to the monthly direct debit cost for every subsequent family member who joins**

Children under 18 years of age can continue to receive free NHS dental treatment.

*Figures accurate as of August 2013, both NHS and Dental Care Plan figures are subject to yearly change
** The term family applies to a person living at the same billing address as the existing member.

What's included in the standard plan - £6.84 per month?

       Regular hygiene treatment

Two visits for scale and polish and oral hygiene advice. It’s important to keep on top of these things.

       Planning future dental requirements.

All of the benefits included within the standard plan

       50% reduction on any private treatment.

This includes a 50% reduction on any private treatment including: crowns, bridges, dentures and cosmetic treatments: eg. white fillings and veneers.

       10% discount to family members living at the same address.

Making sure we can take care of everybody!

       Priority appointments.

With this plan we’ll always make time for you.

       Expanding your horizons

A greater choice of treatments than those available on the NHS.

Going to the next level - Advanced Dental Plan £10.30?


The ADVANCED PLAN provides a higher level of care for those who have greater dental needs such as those with ongoing periodontal disease

02  Everything that’s standard and more

Everything that is in the standard can and more


2 additional hygiene appointments per year making a total of 4 hygiene visits per year with intensive oral hygiene instruction